Hands On a free 2-day seminar


Anyone interested in the 3-year practitioner training program with Avi Grinberg is invited to attend a 2-day seminar that will give a hands-on preview of the studies.

Hands On, led by Avi Grinberg, will include lectures and discussions about the main concepts of the methodology, the demonstration and practice of certain techniques, and exercises to increase your body attention. Beyond the learning, practical tools, and fun it will provide, the seminar is a great way to try out the methodology for yourself and decide if becoming a practitioner is a good choice for you.

The seminar is free. We only charge € 52,- to cover the cost of lunches and beverages.

The next seminar’s dates are:

hands on seminar
15.-16.October 2016

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Personal Meeting

The personal meeting offers you a chance to ask any questions you might have regarding your individual situation, such as how much time you will need to invest, if it will be possible to complete the training while continuing in your current job, if the profession right for you, and much more.

You are welcome to call +43 (0)699 100 20 230 or send an email to



Training goal

The Grinberg-Methode® is taught with the goal of developing excellent practitioners. Upon completion of training, the students will have a solid knowledge of the method and will be able to work independently with clients in their own business.

The art of touch will be taught in all of its richness and forms. At the same time, skills such as ability to pay attention, concentration, flexibility, strength and dexterity will be developed and improved upon. A diploma will be awarded after successful completion of the full three-year training, wich will allow the practitioner to use the title “Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method®”.

Excellence is the ability to focus completely on the process with the client. The practitioner must be direct, strong and capable of focusing on the other person with concentration and clarity. This requires a disciplined approach, training and practice in order to function at a highly professional level. The three-year educational program followed by continuing education courses is specifically designed for students to achieve this goal.

The Grinberg Method® as a profession

Practitioners of the Grinberg Methode® learn how to support people in their search for personal growth and greater well-being. They guide clients through a learning process, which identifies repetitive, restrictive patterns, so they are able to stop them and make the changes they seek. Working with the Grinberg Method demands that both the practitioner and the client are active and participate in achieving the wanted outcome of the process. This way of taking personal responsibility is also required in all stages of the professional studies.

Prerequisites for entering the training program

This profession is based upon having a genuine interest and curiosity regarding people and human behavior. Curiosity, true interest in other people and the wish to express, use and expand your own qualities are required in order for you to work with a wide variety of clients and approach the different aspects of their lives. After deciding to study this method, every student starts on their own individual path of learning.

In order to excel in this profession, prior qualifications or certificates are not necessary.

Length and training locations

The training is a three-year program. Each year is taught in 4 „weeks“ – 7.5-day residential segments which take place every 3 months. Each year consists of 330 academic hours.

After the first week of training, practical work experience will begin. To integrate what is learned in the training, turn it into a natural ability, and achieve the best results while practicing the methodology, you will need to continuously practice with different individuals. Working regularly with clients will prepare you to successfully complete each year of the training program.

In addition to the regular weeks of training you have the possibility to attend private training sessions with a teacher. Classroom sessions will take place in a seminar hotel in Payerbach/Reichenau, Lower Austria.


This is an international school where students from all over the world will be attending classes. The classroom language is English. Regular school English will suffice for the training.

Earning money during training

After successful completion of the first year of training, students will receive a certificate, which will allow them to start working as Practitioners (stage 1) of the Grinberg Method®. Since this is a profession that requires certification, we encourage students to charge accordingly. This provides students with the opportunity to start covering their tuition after the first year of training!

Many students have earned back their tuition by the end of the second year.

As an independent Grinberg Method practitioner, you can:

  • Work anywhere in the world. The Grinberg Method® has been practiced throughout the world for over 25 years.
  • The Grinberg Method® can be applied with anyone regardless of level of education, cultural background, age or gender.
  • An independent, successful career leads to economic independence and a high standard of living.

Teaching methodology

The training is experience-oriented. Theory and practice go hand in hand and are accompanied by a constant process of developong your body attention, concentration, strenght and physicality.

Main course contents

During the 1st year students learn the following:

  • how to guide clients, through touch and verbal instructions, to pay attention to specific areas and sensations in their body
  • the language of touch – basics
  • teaching about relaxation, breathing and silence
  • confidence as a physical experience
  • to teach to deal with pain
  • teaching clientsto let their body work
  • structuring and managing a learning process
  • using your body while you work, to enhance your being well and avoid hurting yourself

During 2nd year students learn the following:

  • teaching clients to stop patterns that were leaned in the past and exists today in the clients body and attention
  • how to intentionally shift attention from past experiences to those of the present
  • allowing the flow of fear
  • maintaining and increaseing one’s level of attention while working

During 3rd year students learn the following:

  • using description to create a clear and detailed image of what a client does that limits them in reaching their goals
  • teaching clients to stop what they do against fear and pain
  • working with clients while they sit, stand and move in space
  • designing a training program that fits individually to each client

Graduation and diploma

Each year of the training ends with a final exam, which we refer to as supervision. Your professional level should comply with normally expected professional standards.

A session from the view of the practitioner

If you are not familiar with the client session process, check here: Individual sessions

As a practitioner, you will work with clients in a form called personal learning process. A client will arrive 1 to 2 times a week for a one-hour session. During the first meeting you will define together with the client a goal for the process. Some clients may want to focus more on physical conditions, such as pain or other physical discomfort. Other clients may choose to focus their process on a mood or habit that disturbs them. One way or another, the focus is learn how to stop a pattern. The clients and you will become partners in achieving that goal. The amount of time it may take may vary from several weeks to several years. At any stage of the process, you and your clients would want to see constant evident change in the client’s physical experience and the manifestation in  life of what the clients aims to change. You will adapt your work to the changes that happen along the process. Part of your work is to develop, plan, and implement a strategy for learning that is specific to the individual client.

You will teach your clients with different types and forms of touch and techniques. Sessions will include instructions, verbal guidance, active listening, structured questions, and descriptions according to the needs of the client. You provide an intense, safe atmosphere during the session that enables the client to learn to relax deeply, become quiet and allow their body to work.

It is exciting to develop individual plans and to observe the clients as they learn and grow. You will enjoy reaching your clients goals faster, more directly and in a gentler manner as you become more experienced.

About the school

The Austrian Grinberg Method® School was founded in 2002 by Inge Scheid, teacher and practitioner of the Grinberg Method®, who has trained directly with Avi Grinberg since 1991. The school is based in Vienna. The studies are held at the Payerbacherhof, a seminar hotel in Payerbach/Reichenau.

Inge Scheid has been educating practitioners throughout Europe for 14 years.  Along with the qualitative education, it is very important to Inge Scheid to pass on ethical work values to future practitioners. Together with the joy of contributing to people’s lives, working with clients is a large responsibility – a fact practitioners must be aware of. Ethics is a question of being aware of your own actions.